Smart Mobile KH last 3G in 2011, Cambodia

Written By Sithuoth PRAM on Thursday, June 2, 2011 | 8:39 AM

Telecommunicatiom is growing fast in Cambodia with subscribers using video streaming and searching on internet througth phone, social networking such youtube, facebook, twitter, blogger become the priority with people open internet check it, so mobile operator is consider of internet services on mobile to meet subscribers need.

3G Mobile operators in Cambodia is fast and in the mid of 2011, Cambodia have 7 operators using 3G technology and we can enjoy fast internet throught mobile and modem HSPDA everywhere where mostly in the main city such as Phnom Penh and main city at provinces.

With the last mobile operator will lunch 3G in 2011, Smart Mobile will lunch 3G soon.

We proud that we can using internet everywhere in Cambodia with 3G.


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